“Saying Goodbye with Love” 2017 CACCC Essay Contest

「愛的道別」2017 年美華慈心關懷聯盟有獎徵文活動

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The Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care (CACCC) is proud to host its first “Saying Goodbye with Love” Essay Contest in recognition of National Healthcare Decisions Day (April 16) and in hopes to increase community awareness of the importance of advance care planning, and to provide meaningful ways to say goodbye with love to their family and loved ones with no regrets.

Have you ever had the experience of saying goodbye to a dying loved one, saying goodbye to a sick friend, or bidding farewell to patients at the end of their life with whom you were or are currently caring for? Or, perhaps, you have a hospice care experience with a loved one to share? Please join our essay contest and share your story!

美華慈心關懷聯盟舉辦第一次「愛的道別」徵文活動,希望鼓勵民眾討論生死問題,如何保有生命末期的尊嚴,重視並及早做好療護計劃,探討自己的生命的態度、準備好與親人道別的方式。 也希望臨床醫護人員寫出面臨病人生死與病患家屬巨大壓力下,看見的生命百態,對醫療及照護工作的體會,以及對生死議題的感受。

您有向臨終的親人道別,向病重的朋友道別,或向自己正在照顧的生命末期病人道別這樣的故事和經歷嗎? 您的親人或朋友在生命末期經歷過安寧療護的照顧嗎? 美華慈心關懷聯盟邀請您來參加我們的有獎徵文,把您的故事寫下來,讓閱讀者刷新對生死的看法,重新思考如何表達自己的意願,如何做好事前療護計劃,如何說再見卻不留遺憾!

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