Heart to Heart® Café is a communication activity designed to make it easier for a family member, a caregiver, or a health provider to understand what a loved one wants done when life is ending. However, it is also used with perfectly healthy people who want family members to know what they would like when their lives are threatened by injury or disease.
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Heart to Heart® Card
Each deck of Heart to Heart® Cards contains a total of 54 cards, 13 Spades, 13 Hearts, 13 Diamonds, 13 Clubs and 2 Jokers (Special Wish cards). Each suit of cards represents a special need. And a different issue is printed on each of the cards, with the exception of the Special Wish cards, which allow a participant to add an issue not included in the deck. There are 5 different ways to play this cards. Detail instructions are included in the package.
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Attend a Heart to Heart® Café
Want to attend CACCC’s next Heart to Heart® Café? Want to get your family involved? Click this link and find out if there’s a CACCC Heart to Heart® Café near you. (Event Calendar) Or contact us at admin@caccc-usa.org.

Host a Heart to Heart® Café
If you like to host a Heart to Heart® Café for your group. Please fill this Heart to Heart® Café Request Form and e-mail it to admin@caccc-usa.org.
Order Heart to Heart® Cards
Domestic Order
One pack contains 4-deck of four different colors, so players can easily identify their own cards. Each deck contains instructions in both Chinese and English, so they can be used independently. 
1 deck:     US$15   - $15/deck (1~3 decks, $15/deck, shipping & handling: $2/deck)
4 decks:   US$45   - $11.25/deck (shipping & handing: $8)
8 decks:   US$80   - $10/deck (shipping & handling: $8 per 8 decks) 
International Order
Please Contact CACCC (order@caccc-usa.org) for orders above 100 decks.
If you order from outside US, please contact order@caccc-usa.org
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